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A&W Fitness is a shared space, co-owned by Addison personal trainers Paul Williamson & Josh Amora. See below for more information on each of their approaches to fitness and visit the links to see their individual websites – Primal Zen Fitness (Coach Paul) and The Body Mechanic (Coach Josh).

Paul Williamson, MS, CPT, PES

Primal Zen Fitness

Want to become a Primal Athlete? Coach Paul, one of the two owners of A&W Fitness, teaches his own unique approach to exercise that turns his clients into Primal Athletes. Whether you’re 20 or 70*, incredible feats of strength, skill and body control are absolutely attainable and Paul can help you every step of the way.

*Such as Mary (75 yrs old), who went from being unable to pick up a watermelon to hiking up Machu Picchu in Peru; or Danny (63), who has been training for less than a month and has already become more flexible than at any other time in his life (and he’s worked with 3 other trainers in the last 30 years).

What is a Primal Athlete?

A Primal Athlete is someone who has developed the strength, flexibility, body awareness, and control to effortlessly move their body through space in nearly any way they choose. From handstands to various animal crawls to single-leg squats to pure improvisation, a Primal Athlete can perform a wide range of tasks with ease.

Being a Primal Athlete isn’t about building a sexy physique (though it’s a nice bonus), it’s about striving for body (and mind) mastery so that you can do anything that you choose. It’s also much more fun (and functional) than just adding more weight to a bar.

For more info:

Josh Amora, LMT, CPT

The Body Mechanic

Josh has been helping people improve their mobility and performance for well over a decade. By combining his skills as both a massage therapist and a personal trainer, he has a deep understanding of how to optimize the human body for any goal you may have.

For more info: www.BodyMechanic.Pro


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